OTA 相关软件框架

发布于:2021-09-23 16:21:40


Aktualizr is RVI SOTA client written in the C++ programming language. It has replaced the?RVI SOTA Client?written in the Rust programming language in GENIVI Development Platform (GDP). Aktualizr is shipped by default with GDP.



Uptane is the first software update system designed to protect software delivered over-the-air to the computerized units of automobiles. The framework can thwart attacks from malicious actors who can compromise servers and networks at the manufacturing level. Hence, it is designed to be resilient even to the best efforts of nation state attackers. Uptane is integrated into?Automotive Grade Linux, an open source system currently used by many large OEMs, and has also been adopted by a number of U.S. and international manufacturers. Within the next few years, more than one-third of new cars on U.S. roads will include Uptane.


Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is a collaborative open source project that is bringing together automakers, suppliers and technology companies to build a Linux-based, open software platform for automotive applications that can serve as the de facto industry standard. Adopting a shared platform across the industry reduces fragmentation and allows automakers and suppliers to reuse the same code base, leading to rapid innovation and faster time-to-market for new products.